Comedy Waiters and Comedy Security Guards  

The Comedy Waiters and Ultimate Chaos Characters (who are not in-keeping with their surrounding) will start any party with a laugh
Fully insured… Packages Available.
We are sure if you shop around you could get cheaper… but would you want to risk the quality?

What We Do?

comedy wedding waiters

The Comedy Waiters & Security Guards

The last thing you want to see, when arriving is Security Guards, But these guys Norman and Terry, look like the real thing but there something not quite right about these two, your guests will have to pass though our metal detector. With searches and body planting, and the fumbling antics form Norm and Terry, your night is guaranteed to start with a laugh it’s a great way to put a spanner in the works. The service continues as they show your guests to their seats with a ten million candle powered lamp.

Smelly Wacky Aussie Comedy Waiters

These  two brothers from OZ stick out like from the real serving staff, But They do help serve the food they culminate in ‘inconspicuous’ cleaning of tables, glass collecting and vacuuming (you’ll never know they’re there!) – see your guests faces as the comedy waiters stuff used cutlery into their pockets, a very visual,  funny and clever act.
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Lots of guaranteed laughs!

Pick what you want…  Security Guards and the Comedy Waiters, or one or the other, the choice is yours.
Not sure what you want? don’t worry we have been doing this for a long time and we are more than happy to advise on what would suit you…
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We now offer even more, including Tony and Mike who are part of a band! but two of the members of the band are missing! Can the audience help? This will get your guest in the mood for a party!
We pride ourselves on the fact that this is purely light entertainment and that none of your guests will be upset.
We know when to stop! If you want a Mix and Mingle/Meet and Greet to start your evening with a spot of comedy that people will remember, then book us!
Ultimate Chaos travels all over the U.K and Europe. No destination is too far or too small. See where we go